Movie Review: ‘Villains’

Review by Bradley Smith

A pair of inept thieves on the run crosses paths with a pair of psychopathic homeowners with a criminal secret they do not want revealed. The tension mounts as the pair that the story and circumstances would have us root for, the thieves, mostly tries to do the right thing while escaping with their lives. Villains is a new take on familiar premises that will likely keep thriller/horror fans on the edge of their seats.

Bill Skarsgård (It) and Maika Monroe (It Follows) lead the ensemble in Villains (It… is entertaining) as the hapless robbers making a getaway from a gas station robbery headed for Florida. Again, the lovebirds robbed a gas station, and it is not long before their escape hits a speed bump when they run out of gas. So, while this is a thriller with some dark plot threads and a couple “jump scares”, there is also comedy to be found and enjoyed. The couple make their way to a nearby house looking for gas or new wheels.

Unfortunately for Mickey (Skarsgård) and Jules (Monroe), the house they break into contains a dark secret that the soon-to-return homeowners George and Gloria, played terrifyingly perfectly, respectively, by Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) and Kyra Sedgwick (Heart and Souls), would like to remain a secret. From there, the film is an exercise in one-upmanship as each couple tries to use, abuse, outwit, or simply take out the other couple, metaphorically trading the upper hand every now and then to keep things interesting.

Like myself, genre fans will be entertained when not disturbed, but they may not be surprised by the twists and turns, though casual viewers might. The movie is well made with spectacular performances, writing/directing, and sets/scenery. Really the only downside is there are several oft used clichés like a cop who shows up at just the right moment, allowing the “heroes” some grace period in the face of certain death. There is also a nice timeless quality to this movie. Aside from a few lines of dialogue and a prop or two, it would be tough to narrow down a time period that this movie takes place.

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