Movie Review: ‘Up On The Glass’

Review by Lisa Payne

Drifter Jack DiMercurio (Chase Fein) is staying for a few days with his butthole friend, Andy Shelton (Hunter Cross). Jack is in love with Andy’s wife, Liz (Chelsea Kurtz) and envious of Andy’s life (why I do not know).

Liz is the one who got away because Jack was indecisive. Jack and Andy get up to some adventures, but they are predictable. Andy pushes his luck too far with his stupidly one afternoon and pays the price.

Liz returns home looking for Andy and only finds Jack. Liz is attracted fo Jack and even more so when she realises Andy has been up to his old tricks. Jack feels so much guilt for what happened to Andy, he can barely stand to be in the same room with Liz.

I wanted much more as the trailer promised. However, trailers can be misleading. Some of the dialogue is silly. Decent production values, but mainly a letdown.

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