Movie Review: ‘Think Like A Dog’

Review by Monique Thompson


STARRING: Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Gabriel Bateman

A 12-year-old boy develops a telepathic connection with his dog after a middle-school science experiment goes awry.

If you’re into talking dog films, Think Like A Dog should be a good option to provide some quarantine relief for those dog loving families, especially the younger children. When Oliver’s (Bateman) science fair project turns out to be a total dud, he decides to take advice from a Chinese pen pal and give his project another attempt. Only thing is this time, the results are surely unexpected but amazing. Oliver can now read his dog’s, Henry, mind! While he still has the school’s bullies to deal with, Oliver is also destined to impress his crush, Sophie, as well as keep his parent’s together.

Think Like A Dog, is a cute little comedy, filled with enough fart/poop jokes to go around. This alone is the prime reason I’m quite confident that it will appeal to the younger viewers. Bateman as Oliver executes a strong performance and is absolutely adorable with his fur pal Henry. There is also much chemistry between the veterans, Duhamel and Fox, which doesn’t come as a surprise at all. All in all, Think Like A Dog is good for some family bonding time and worth a view.

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