Movie Review: ‘The Dinner Party’

Review by Lisa Payne

Jeff (Mike Mayhall) is a dick, sorry I mean a social-climbing playwright. He and his wife Haley (Alli Hart) are invited to a dinner party thrown by Carmine (Bill Sage) and his influential friends who promise to finance Jeff’s play onto Broadway.

When they arrive at Carmine’s mansion, they are met by Sebastian (Sawandi Wilson) in a bizarre fashion. Haley should have gotten out when she could. She should have never walked into the house in the first place.

The dinner party are an assorted bunch including Agatha (Kamille McCuin), Vincent (Miles Doleac) and the irrepressible Sadie (Lindsay Anne Williams).

Haley has secrets, the hosts have ulterior motives and reveal the full horror soon enough. The cast are good, especially Sadie and Haley.

I’m reminded of Midsommar.

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