Movie Review: ‘The Departure’

Review by Monique Thompson

STARRING: Austin Lauer, Olivia Lemmon, Kendall Chappell and Grant Wright Gunderson

Just how far are you willing to go to test your significant others loyalty to you and the relationship?! In The Departure, Nate is willing to do the unthinkable, even if that means allowing another man to seduce his girlfriend. Nate’s girlfriend Jessica constantly has stories about her co-worker Lucas which is causing Nate to draw suspicions about Jessica. Even though Jessica assures him the relationship with Lucas is strictly platonic, Nate can’t help but feel otherwise. After being offered a job promotion that will move him cross-county from LA to New York for 6-months, Nate comes up with the brilliant idea (or not so brilliant) to have his good friend John come on to Jessica to see if she would actually take the bait.

Now John is in a bit of a relationship dilemma himself. The girl he’s dating seems to be more interested in her cell phone than engaging with him. After she ghosted him, John is a bit hesitant to take Nate up on his offer but sort of figures he doesn’t have much else going on in the land of love. Will Nate’s decision to set up his girlfriend prove her loyalty or will it backfire on him? That’s what you’ll have to find out (won’t spoil it).

The Departure is an easy film to watch and while the mood is a bit melancholy at times, it’s one of those films perfect for a rainy day. The acting isn’t the greatest but you can’t help but wonder whether or not Jessica is going to fall for the trap or not. There’s really not that much to say about the film, but there’s no doubt The Departure can surely spark up some nice pillow talk conversations.

VOD Release June 12, 2020

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