Movie Review: ‘The Candy Witch’

Review by Lisa Payne

Ruth (Heather Jackson) sees something in the dark that scares her. She rings Reece (Jon Callaway), who is a psychic with a social media following. He specializes in setting spirits free who can’t make the transition to the other side.

Reece turns up to Ruth and Willie’s (Richard D. Myers) beautiful home in Surrey, England with his girlfriend Kat (Abi Casson Thompson). Ruth and Willie have two children, Lea (Hannah Ponting), who has a boyfriend who looks like he’s way too old to be in college, and Tom (Will Stanton), who has a girlfriend who looks like she’s way too old to be his girlfriend.

Ruth tells the story of Candywitch/Jennifer (Kate Lush) who allegedly abused Ruth’s children when they were young.

Tom asks his father if they can just leave the house because there are so many bad memories. His father replies “This house has been in the family for generations. If she’s here and she wants this house, she’s going to have to go through me.” Challenge accepted, shitty dad.

Kat visits one of the neighbors, who paints a different picture of the Candywitch.

When Kat returns, Ruth acts very weirdly towards her, and tells both Kat and Reece to stick to the house and don’t talk to anyone else.

Candywitch starts doing her killing thing in so many interesting candy-themed ways. I was very impressed and a little tickled at how creative she was. I even winced a couple of times.

Maybe Candywitch and Candyma… (never mind).

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