Movie Review: ‘Smallfoot’ Blu-ray

Review by Lauryn Angel

Smallfoot looked like an entertaining movie for both children and adults. Unfortunately, the trailers gave no indication that the movie was a musical. This piece of knowledge is pivotal for the parents taking their children to the movie. This is not the kind of animated musical with catchy songs that are destined to become classics; instead, it’s the kind of musical with songs that have lyrics like “a life that’s full of wonder is a wonderful life.”

Smallfoot is the story of Migo (Channing Tatum), a yeti who lives in a village high in the Himalayan mountains. The villagers are a happy-go-lucky lot, each one content with his place in life. They are guided by the Stonekeeper (Common), who, well, keeps the stones containing their laws and beliefs safe. When Migo has a chance encounter with a “Smallfoot” (aka, a human being) who crashes on the mountain, he comes directly into conflict with the stones – which clearly indicate that there is no such thing as a smallfoot. Migo goes on a quest to prove the existence of the smallfoot, aided by a group of unbelievers: Meechee (Zendaya), the Stonekeeper’s daughter; Gwangi (LeBron James); Kilka (Gina Rodriguez); and Fleem (Ely Henry). When Migo meets Percy Patterson (James Corden) – a Steve Irwin-type whose nature program has become more about numbers than the love of animals.

I wanted to like Smallfoot; I really did. It’s got a long list of great performers, and they give it their best. Sadly, what they’re given to work with just isn’t very good. Sure, there are a couple of jokes that land, but for the most part, the humor relies on slapstick, which went over well with the kids in the audience, but can’t really bolster a formulaic plot. Ultimately, the film is forgettable, which is a shame, because it does have a valuable lesson about thinking for oneself sandwiched between the yeti who repeatedly launches himself head-first into a gong every morning because the stones tell it will make the sun rise (Migo’s father, voiced by Danny DeVito) and the smallfeet who attack the unknown without attempting to understand it.

Ultimately, the yetis are cute, and I liked this movie better than Trolls (which isn’t saying much, because I hated Trolls).

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