Movie Review: ‘Proxima’

Review by Lisa Payne

Eva Green is Sarah Loreau, a French astronaut about to go on her first space mission. She has a very close relationship with her daughter, Stella (Zélie Boulant). This a beautiful story of a mom with multiple responsibilities trying to juggle them whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind. There are the typical obstacles thrown her way. Mike Shannon (Matt Dillon), her commanding officer who doesn’t think she is up to it in the beginning. Her ex husband, Thomas (Lars Eidinger) who gives token resistance because he has to look after Stella in Sarah’s absence and Stella, who doesn’t want her mom to go.

Sarah is my put through her physical and emotional paces by everyone. Eventually she wins them all over. However, Sarah knows this all comes at a cost.

Proxima shows a realistic relationship between mother and daughter, and dedication to a higher calling. This movie is really a love letter to female astronauts, and I loved it for that.

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