Movie Review: ‘Murder Rx’ Is Hilarious

Review by Lisa Payne

Murder RX is hilarious.

Every single thing that happens is signposted.

Diana (Ana Alexander) is looking for a better life for her and her daughter, Lacey (Taylor Rouviere), who is having troubles in school and with acting out, since her father left home.

Oakwood is the wrong suburb to move to. When the residents start saying odd things and you haven’t moved in yet, it’s time to peace out.

The arrogant local doctor (Demi Castro) dispenses opioids like candy, has a put-upon wife (Naomi Grossman) and a disaffected son (Tyler Reefer). Nothing to see here in these family dynamics.

The story meanders through so many red herrings. It is as if they threw everything in the script pot at the wall to see what sticks. Murder Rx is really about family, and and the lengths with which we will go to protect reputation.

“Diana, everything is going to be fine.” No, it really won’t be, but you already know that.

Why do so many of the actors appear to look as if they have never acted before?

The dialogue is awful. However, if you put that aside and look at it as a soap opera, it’s an ok movie.

MURDER RX available ON DEMAND & VOD April 7th.

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