Movie Review: ‘Monochrome: The Chromism’

Review by Lisa Payne

In a black and white world (said in that trailer guy voice), Isaac (Joshua Bangle) is about to propose to his girlfriend, Victoria (Cat Merritt). His brother, Jerry (Ryan Barnes) is helping Isaac plan the surprise. On the TV in the background, the news plays out a war between the US and England.

Isaac is caught up in some bad guy’s evil world domination plan to unleash a virus – cue maniacal laughter. Isaac is shot and injected with the virus which goes wrong because he has no symptoms except his hue is changing from black and white to color. He bleeds red (they call it glowing because colours have no names) blood.

His brother is then injected with something by the baddie, and is tasked with picking up “hues”. The rest of the Monochrome: The Chromism is a chase to pick up Isaac. This looks like an origin story and the first is a few.

Very simple setup which I enjoyed. MONOCHROME : THE CHROMISM premieres On Demand October 16.

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