Movie Review: ‘Measure For Measure’

Review by Lisa Payne

This gritty adaptation of Shakespeare is a complex and multi-layered romance. After a horrific multiple shooting outside a Melbourne block of flats, where Claudio (Harrison Gilbertson) jumps in front of Jaiwara (Megan Smart) to protect her from a gunman, they become fast friends. Then they become closer. The problem is Jaiwara is Muslim and her brother is head of one of the notorious criminal gangs in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, crime-boss Duke (Hugo Weaving) needs to leave town after the shooting until things die down. He leaves Angelo (Mark Leonard Winter) in charge. Duke does leave some instructions for Angelo to follow, and for the most part, he does.

When Jaiwara’s family gets wind of the relationship, they threaten Claudio if he doesn’t stay away from Jaiwara. Of course, he doesn’t and is set up for a crime and sent to prison. Claudio begs Jaiwara to get in touch with Duke, and give him some information and get Claudio out of prison. The trouble is that with Duke being away, Jaiwara has to trust Angelo to help, and Angelo is a piece of shit.

Luckily Duke sees what’s happening and intervenes.

Measure For Measure is a gem of a movie with a great cast, good script, and a story that takes in crime, punishment, forgiveness, retribution, familial relationships, and duty.

On VOD/digital September 4th.

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