Movie Review: ‘Lucky Grandma’

by | May 24, 2020 | Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Lisa Payne

Nai Nai (Tsai Chin) is a bad-tempered, disobliging, and quarrelsome Grandma. Perfect!

After visiting a neighborhood fortune teller who says Nai Nai’s lucky day is coming, she withdraws all of her money from the bank and blows it all at the casino after an initial winning-streak.

Nai Nai did the one thing that you should never do when you see a lot of money apparently abandoned calling your name. She took it. As we all know, this will have consequences and repercussions.

The Chinese mob comes a calling. Nai Nai hires a bodyguard. It’s all fun and games until your grandson is kidnapped by the bad guys.

Lucky Grandma is mostly fun except when it gets serious with quirky music and interesting characters to keep you interested.