Movie Review: ‘Last Shot’

Review by Lisa Payne

Nick (Cody N. Carter) has just been released from what seems like the nicest prison, as in they all seem to be too nice to each other.

Nick killed his wife in an angry rage when she told him that his son isn’t his. Once I saw this, I checked out of Last Shot. I believe in redemption, but this made me really mad.

Nick has a really strict and crappy parole officer (Robert Dobson) who threatens to send him back to prison for everything.

His cousin Mark (Carlo Campbell) offers him a job in his restaurant as a bartender. There are some crappy people in this world including Smack (Chris Cream), a small-time drug dealer and his equally awful girlfriend Judy (Tellisha Love) who was happy to watch Nick beaten up by Smack because she was working out her own awful life by abusing what little power she had.

Then there are the wooden police detectives, Fitzgerald (Melanie DiPiero) and Ferguson (Dominic King). They approach Nick to snitch on Smack which of course he won’t do because snitches get stitches.

Smack and Judy get their due not long after.

This doesn’t quite end the way I thought it would, but sins of the father, I guess.

I am not the target audience for Last Shot.

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