Movie Review: ‘Immortal’

Review by Monique Thompson

STARRING: Vanessa Lengies, Dylan Baker, Samm Levine, Agnes Bruckner, Tony Todd, Robin Bartlett


Imagine staring a gruesome death right in the eye, only to cheat it by returning from the dead, unharmed, and not as a zombie I should probably add. IMMORTAL consists of 4 unrelated short stories each with pretty serious real life issues going on.

First there’s Chelsea, a high school track athlete who’s been a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her coach. Little does she realize, the teacher she comes clean to isn’t really there to help. He’s devised a plan of his own to play a game with Chelsea which doesn’t quite end as he expects. Then there’s couple Gary & Vanessa who’s expecting their first child. Financial issues lead the couple to devise a plan to rack in on life insurance money but again, thing don’t end as planned. Meanwhile Vanessa has a secret she’s hiding from her husband the entire time.

Dedicated husband Ted, agreed to end his wife’s suffering from cancer by euthanizing her, but he too has a plan of his own to show just how devoted he is. Then lastly there’s Warren, a bachelor with very little direction in his life, who seeks revenge against the lady that ran him over.

Everything about IMMORTAL is great! Each short story gets better and better each time. The acting is also great and there’s just enough blood to where it’s not a blood bath. My only complaint is I wish the shorts were longer! IMMORTAL is an easy watch and worth the view.

Immortal available on demand September 8.

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