Movie Review: ‘Hell’s Kitty’

Review by Smee

If you know me, you know I love a good horror movie. The only thing better? A good horror comedy – “The Evil Dead”, “Cabin in the Woods”, even the old 80s schlockfest “House” – anything with some good-natured scary humor, and “Hell’s Kitty” delivers. The film, which started out as an online series, centers around Nick (writer/director Nicholas Tana), a struggling Hollywood writer who is surrounded by friends but is unfortunately being continually isolated by his ultra-possessive (and possibly possessed) cat Angel. Nick is like any other man and simply wants to have a lady love in his life, but Angel has other ideas. Every time Nick brings a lady home, they end up dead. Nick is visited by Mrs. Carrie (Adrienne Barbeau), who is the mother of his ex-girlfriend Rosemary Carrie. Rosemary is dead but her mother has found a diary, where Rosemary has written extensively about Nick and even more about how she would like to get rid of Angel. Nick is a bit perplexed, as he doesn’t even recall dating her. Throughout the movie, Nick tries to balance his social life, kick start his career, and have a healthy relationship with his cat. Too bad his cat is not willing to share and will go through any means necessary to ensure no one comes between her and Nick ever.

“Hell’s Kitty” will make its premiere on DVD on 27 March 2018. The film also stars Dale Midkiff (“Pet Semetary”), Doug Jones (“Hellboy”), Michael Berryman (“The Hills Have Eyes”), and adult film mogul Nina Hartley.

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