Movie Review: ‘Followed’

Review by Monique Thompson

A social media influencer and his video crew encounter true evil when they visit one of the most haunted hotels in America.

All of you found-footage horror movie fans can rejoice at this one! In FOLLOWED, rising social media influencer Drop TheMike is willing to do whatever it takes to gain enough followers to secure a $250,000 deal, even if that means risking his life. Drop TheMike enjoys all things horror and brings his views up close and personal to some of the most haunted places. Saying goodbye to his fiancee for a few days, Drop TheMike and his crew agree to stay 3 nights at one of the most haunted places in America, Lennox Hotel, and managing to do this over Halloween.

While documenting their entire stay, almost immediately things begin to take take a sinister turn. In true naive fashion, Drop TheMike is quite adamant that nothing more is happening other than one of his crazed fans trying to scare him. Will he come to his senses and realize something paranormal is going on will he risk it all for his followers?

Some found-footage horror films either have it or they don’t and FOLLOWED is one that has it. It’s truly a legitimately scary movie during some scenes. What’s even more impressive is the acting being much better than what is usually the product of found-footage films. The lead, Matthew Solomon as Drop TheMike is a character that most millennials will relate to. He’s exactly what your most loved (or hated, it all depends) YouTuber is with a catchy opening tag line and willing to go over and beyond to gain those followers.

So the Lennox Hotel actually isn’t a real place. It’s haunted history is loosely based on accounts that have been linked to the actual Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. This interesting fact alone makes things way more interesting and engaging.

I must say I am thoroughly impressed with FOLLOWED and this one is surely worth a watch.

FOLLOWED will be released in drive-in theaters nationwide on June 19 & Expanding on June 26, 2020!

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