Movie Review: ‘Evil Little Things’

Review by Smee

When is it a good time to put out a scary movie about demonic dolls? Anytime! Aptly named Creepy Doll Films is bringing forth a wonderful set of mini-stories in the new film “Evil Little Things”. It starts out with Jason, a typical 6-year-old who is a little afraid of the dark and requests his parents check under the bed for monsters. His father and mother are on different mindsets about his bedtime routine – Dad thinks he needs to just suck it up and go to bed. Mom, however, promises to take him to a local toy store in the morning to find him a new stuffed toy to help protect him, and it’s here he meets a mystical toymaker who tells him about some of the toys the boy sees.

In the first story, we are first introduced to a slightly-more-than-creepy leprechaun doll named Patrick O’Malley. Jessica has moved her family to the home named Irish Mountain that once belonged to her great-grandmother Kate, and where Jessica spend her childhood summer. Her husband is on a business trip to Ireland, so it is up to Jess and their children Katelin and Daniel to unpack everything. It’s the day before Hallowe’en and, as she is returning from the mailbox, Jessica finds a leprechaun doll on her porch. She brings it inside and suddenly begins remembering when she and her friend Susan, who is now the town sheriff, were playing in the local cemetery and found a piece of gold – and were chased by a leprechaun. It doesn’t stop with the memories, as the doll, Patrick O’Malley, now seems to be moving on its own and terrorizing her. Does she have the means to stop it before harm comes to her and her children? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The second story we are introduced to a lovely girl named Abby, who was disfigured in a fire years ago. As a result, she has begun collecting beautiful, delicate porcelain dolls. Each of them are broken, however – and it is due to Abby’s oldest doll, Patty. Abby loves Patty, who was with her when the fire happened, but when Patty reveals her plans to keep Abby to herself, she thinks maybe it is time to break away. Especially since she just ordered a brand new, very beautiful doll who looks just like she did before the fire. During a trip to MagnaCon, Abby runs into Jeremy, a fellow con fan and close friend. They had history together before the fire and they want to try a relationship again, but will Patty allow this? Again, you’ll have to watch to find out how this one ends.

The final story is a short continuation of the beginning, with Jason and his mother deciding to take home a clown doll Jason promptly names Giggles. I think you know where this is going, right? Jason’s dad is going to learn that sometimes things are not what they seem.

Directed by Matt Green and written by Nancy Knight and Bakhtiari, “Evil Little Things” is a great way to spend a stormy evening curled up on the sofa. The stories aren’t the scariest, but there’s enough to make you look at the shadows a little bit harder.

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