Movie Review: ‘Driven’

Review by Lisa Payne

Cabbie/wannabe comedian Emerson (Casey Dillard) picks up Roger (Richard Speight Jr), who wants to go to multiple locations. Emerson thinks it’s her lucky day because she’s having money troubles. However, at one of the stops, we see in the background someone being attacked at the window of the house, I thought uh oh this is going to be a hitman movie, and I’m feeling some kinda way for Emerson’s safety.

But I’m happy to say this is not that movie. Initially Roger is very preoccupied and not engaging with Emerson. When he runs out of one of the houses and leaves a bloody handprint on the taxi window, Emerson is like I am out of here.

Roger tells her what is really going on, and I was like wait what? Emerson eventually gets with the program and agrees to support Roger in his time-limited quest.

This movie is a fantastic gem. It took me to delightful places. I can’t remember the last time someone mentioned a farrier in a film.

Roger and Emerson have great buddy chemistry.

Once you’ve faced your worst fears, how difficult can it be to face an open mike night?

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