Movie Review: ‘Don’t Run’

Review by Lisa Payne

Peter (Danny Irizarry) and his mom (Wendy Keeling) move into a new house. She tries to get him to go to meet the neighbors. However. he doesn’t want to go after seeing the red headed daughter (Charlotte Arnold). Peter is the archetypal awkward teen who is nearly bullied before ever getting to school. A boy comes up to him and puts his hand on Peter’s shoulder to see if he’s ok after the incident.

The movie doesn’t waste any time getting to the monster under your bed theme. Peter must be in bed by sundown every single day or the largely unseen terror in his room will get him. The monster taunts every night, whilst Peter comes up with ways to ignore this menace.

People come to the house, some leave and some don’t. The characters are written to varying degrees of competence.

There are cute little touches like Peter having been in the house for a few days. One day he looks in the mirror, marks off the time with lipstick and it’s been months. That jolted me.

Peter finds someone else who is in the same situation as he is, which is weird. Peter communicates hopes and fears to his phone mate. This is a limiting relationship, as Peter is relying on the opinions and experiences of someone he hasn’t met as Peter plots his escape. Complete faulty logic.

As with most monster movies, the protagonist has to find the courage within to defeat the monster. When Peter is ready to leave, his phone companion reveals something that made me say “damn” out loud.

Don’t Run held the tension for a really long time. I was anxious watching, until about two-thirds the way in. By then I was looking at my watch as this went on far too long. It just dissipated, and I wasn’t interested in the ending which gave no satisfaction or closure.

Maybe see the first hour…

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