Movie Review: ‘The Cured’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

This film is about what happens after a zombie apocalypse. You’ve got those who survived, those who were killed and/or eaten and those who were “cured” and those who the cure didn’t fully take to. Senan (Sam Keeley) returns home after being cured. He returns to his brother’s family, Abbie (Ellen Page) and her son. The cure helped most people be human again, but they remembered every terrible thing they did as zombies. For those who couldn’t be cured, Dr. Lyons (Paula Malcolmson) works on a new cure to help them as well. Society looks down on the cured because they did so much damage and ruined so many lives, but everything that they did was out of their control.

The person that turned Senan is his best friend in all of the chaos and madness, but he soon realizes Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) isn’t doing as well as he should be. Conor is so angry at society for hating his people, but anger might also be a side effect of his cure and it’s up to Senan to stop Conor before things get out of hand. As Senan is struggling to be normal in a society that hates him, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he couldn’t protect his brother’s family from Conor, whose grand plan is to release the uncured zombies.

The Cured is a drama more than a horror film. All of the horror scenes are quick nightmares and flashbacks of when Senan was a zombie. Then, it shows a traditional zombie film at the end. It’s more about what happens to society when they don’t want to accept these people back and what happens when you push them to the breaking point. It’s a good film, keeps your attention, has some twists, but it’ll show you the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, which some people might not enjoy if you’re looking for a film where zombies take over.

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