Movie Review: ‘Copshop’

Welcome to the Copshop, the latest action movie pitting criminals against each other inside a police station with one good cop stuck in the middle. The action is a little slow to kick in since there is a good plot to setup, but once the bullets start flying, they never really stop; this is an exaggeration, of course, though at least one scene tries to make it a reality. Copshop is a fun, semi-suspenseful, action movie with a great cast and believable characters and story arcs. Some elements feel like overused cliches (i.e., the corrupt cop), but the cliches work in this film.

The film opens at night with Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo; Captain America Winter Soldier, Zero Dark Thirty) on the run and desperate to escape his own criminal past that is rapidly closing in. He assaults rookie police officer Valerie Young (Alexis Louder; Black Panther, The Originals, The Tomorrow War – arguably the breakout star of Copshop) who throws him in a cell in a small-town police station. Unfortunately for Teddy, the police station where Valerie works is not staffed by the most competent police officers, apart from Valerie herself.

In no time at all and unknowingly to the cops, Teddy’s would be assassin, Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler; 300, the …Has Fallen series) gets himself locked up in the cell across from Teddy. However, Bob is not the only assassin that Teddy must escape as Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss; Cowboys & Aliens, Halloween 2018) is also hot on his trail and Anthony is not as subtle as Bob, but he is far more humorous in my opinion. It is at this point that the action really picks up, the blood bath begins, and it is up to Valerie to save herself while still wanting to see that justice prevails.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, the film starts out a little slow with more plot/exposition than action. But once the main characters are brought together, the movie becomes entertaining and mildly suspenseful, probably more suspenseful if you do not find Anthony as funny as I did (I thought the scene with him firing a seeming endless number of bullets at bulletproof glass was more funny than suspenseful though they may have been going for suspense). While it is not a very original story (what is), it is well-made enough that that does not matter and I enjoyed the thrill ride, including the actors, most of the characters, the story, and the effective special effects.

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