Movie Review: ‘aTypical Wednesday’

Review by Lisa Payne

Intriguing start to aTypical Wednesday. Alec (Cooper J. Friedman) learns a valuable cause and effect lesson early on in the movie. You say the n word to a black person, they may smack you. This movie is not THAT movie, but this scene made me laugh out loud.

Gabe (J. Lee) is a young man with problems. One of them is that his therapist is Michael Ealy with his fine face and his shitty personality (he threw kids out the window in For Colored Girls…. He will never be forgiven for that). Gabe has an on/off girlfriend Millie (Emmy Raver-Lampman), who used to date Patrick (Seth Green), who is one of those annoying billionaires who seems to have it all, and everybody loves him. Except Gabe. Another is that although his business is doing well, Gabe can’t seem to stop dipping his “pen” into his clients.

Alec is a troubled young man who is bullied at school and has parents who don’t understand him. Alec and Gabe attend therapy at the same office every Wednesday and pass each other on the way out in the elevator.

One Wednesday, when Gabe is leaving, Alec says his grandma forgot to pick him up. Gabe offers a lift home. Adventures ensue. No one is at home, Gabe’s chickens come home to roost, Gabe and Alec release their frustrations, get some payback on the bullies, and buy Millie a card.

Then comes the reckoning where Gabe is at the end of his tether and finds out Alec lied to him, Gabe drops Alec at home and the inevitable tensions come through. In that one scene which is handled very well is all the issues because of racism assumptions. And I reiterate this is not THAT movie.

J. Lee writes and directs aTypical Wednesday with a deft touch. Always in the back of your mind is the reality of what could happen. This is a very accomplished comedy.

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