Movie Review: ‘All Joking Aside’

Review by Lisa Payne

Charlene Murray (Raylene Harewood) finally steps into a comedy club for an open mic night to start living her dream, and is mercilessly heckled by Bob Carpenter (Brian Markinson). Unable to handle this, she runs offstage after attempting little more than one joke.

Chalene feels sorry for herself until she meets Bob again, confronts him and asks him to mentor her. He very reluctantly agrees.

What follows is a tame push-pull relationship without any real teeth. There are a few setbacks and Charlene becomes a better stand-up comic. The tension didn’t have any emotional payoff because it fixes itself too quickly.

What is really missing is the character development to give me the impetus to care about Charlene except for whilst watching her on screen.

All Joking Aside is like a kitten who one day dreams of being a lion. You look at yourself and say I can do this, continually. However, at the end of the day, you still have kitten teeth.

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