Movie Review: ‘2: HRS’

Review By: Wesley Collins

2:Hrs is a really fun and silly film that also deals with a broken familial structure so its very real and relatable as well. I’d like to believe that everyone living at some point or another has imagined what his or her final days and moments will be like. I absolutely have. Imagining is daunting enough, but to know is another type of hell. That’s what main character Tim Edge is forced to live with. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have 24 hours or days to live; he has 2 hours.

Tim Edge is like most young men with no guidance: a bit of a screw-up who lacks empathy and makes poor choices. Tim’s life doesn’t have much direction as his relationship with his mother and sister withers. This all changes one afternoon when Tim and a couple friends wander into an underground laboratory and access a machine that accurately depicts when one will perish. The film takes a turn on its head as Tim and friends try to fulfill a short bucket list before Tim’s untimely death.

2:Hrs is a whimsical tale of three friends trying to beat fate. We never know when our time will come and 2:Hrs poses the question of whether we should ever have the ability to know. I mean, who really wants to know when their time is up? Right? 2:Hrs is a fun film, one I know children and adults alike will enjoy.

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