Movie Review: ’10 Minutes Gone’

Review by Bradley Smith

A crime thriller mystery starring action legends Michael Chiklis (The Shield, Fantastic Four, No Ordinary Family, Gotham, the list goes on) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Hudson Hawk, The Sixth Sense, Moonlighting, his list also goes on).
Need I say more?

Probably not, but I will.

Michael Chiklis stars as Frank, a man who gets knocked out for about 10 minutes after fleeing a bank heist that went horrible due to an alarming twist and some very fast, tipped off police. Upon waking up, Frank finds his brother murdered and the man who hired him, crime boss Rex (Willis), has sent his metaphorical terminator (wrong action stars, but that is who she reminded me of) to retrieve the stolen loot that Frank now must track down to save his own skin. One by one, Frank investigates and/or runs afoul of his former crew on his way to discovering the shocking truth behind those missing 10 minutes.

Michael Chiklis is his usual top-notch action/tough-guy persona, with a soft side/blind spot, while Bruce Willis is sorely underutilized, participating in almost none of the action and spending most of his scenes standing in a warehouse/studio type building while talking or yelling at someone either in the room or over the phone. Sadly, despite being adversaries for much of the film, Chiklis and Willis have maybe one or two moments together. That is not to say that Rex is not much of a threat to Frank, but the more direct threat comes in the form of Rex’s “cleaner”, Ivory (Lydia Hull; Precious Cargo, Escape Plan), who is always one step behind Frank… until she isn’t.

The action that is presented should keep fans on the edge of their seats. The acting is about as good as you might expect from the quality of assembled stars, the cinematography is respectable, and the plot is well written/plausible. I will admit I did not figure out the “shocking truth”, but nor was I actually “shocked”; I was more thinking “oh, ok, that makes more sense” (possible spoiler, I was mentally thinking it was one of the dead characters in the moments before the big reveal). Overall, it was an entertaining 90-ish minutes.

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