Interview: Author ‘Adam-Michael James Talks His New Bewitched Book

Adam-Michael James is huge ‘Bewitched’ fan and has written this book Samantha’s Seventies. It is how he envisioned the show would have been if it continued on into the 70’s. Adam also writes columns on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ on soap central. We talked about the show as well. You can listen below to the interview.

Acclaimed “Bewitched” buff Adam-Michael James leads Darrin and Samantha Stephens, plus all your other favorite witches and mortals, on a never mundane, sometimes meaningful, always magical journey through the decade that brought you yellow smilies and bell bottoms.Picking up where his imagined series finale, “I, Samantha, Take This Mortal, Darrin,” left off, “Samantha’s Seventies” finds the mortals in Samantha’s world struggling with the knowledge she’s a witch. Two Aunt Claras emerge. The stork schedules an appointment with the Stephenses. Witches explore their attitudes toward mortals in a Bicentennial tale that expands on the show’s themes of inclusion.Tabitha jumps to a 25-year-old in a nod to her self-titled sequel. Mortals and witches finally spend a Christmas together. And a surprise couple exchanges “I do’s” in a never-before-seen witch wedding.James captures the voices of every “Bewitched” character and skillfully evokes the detail of the period in this continuation that puts new spins on old standbys – and will make you feel like you actually watched these “episodes” on TV!

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