Dallas Theater Review: ‘The Color Purple’

Review by Monique Thompson

THE COLOR PURPLE is the 2016 Tony Award® winner for Best Musical Revival! Hailed as “a direct hit to the heart” (The Hollywood Reporter), this joyous American classic has conquered Broadway in an all-new “ravishingly reconceived production that is a glory to behold” (The New York Times) directed by Tony winner John Doyle.

The Color Purple Musical is a quintessential musical adaptation based on the widely popular book and movie from the 1980s. The Color Purple tells the story of Celie, a 14-year old poor, uneducated African American girl growing up in the South, set in the 1930s. Celie and her younger sister Nettie have both endured physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their father. When her father arranges for her to be married to one of the townsmen, Mister, things quickly go from bad to worse but Celie perseveres and is destined to overcome and reunite with her sister Nettie.

One thing is for sure, The Color Purple never gets old and continues to dazzle audiences all around the country with outstanding musical revivals. From the sultry jazz, to down home gospel, the music and lyrics perfectly tell the story in a way that is equally exhilarating and warm. While mostly keeping to the original story, there’s a few twists through in just to modernize and add a bit of humor in which is amazing. To see all of the characters from the book come to life simply makes you love the and appreciate the story of The Color Purple all over again.

Don’t miss this stunning re-imagining of an epic story about a young woman’s journey to love and triumph in the American South. It’s the musical sensation that New York Magazine calls “one of the greatest revivals ever.” Experience the exhilarating power of this Tony-winning triumph!

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