Dallas Musical Review: ‘Wicked’ Is Excellent

Review by Lauryn Angel

Fans of live theater can rejoice! The North American tour of Wicked has come to the Music Hall at Fair Park, and it’s the first show to return to production since Covid-19 shut things down in 2020. And what a show it is!

I admit that I had never seen Wicked before. I’ve read Gregory Maguire’s novel, on which the show is based, several times and loved it, but had never managed to catch the show when it came through Dallas. And I have to admit that I doubted it was worth the hype.

But consider me a Wicked convert! The show is amazing, and this production is excellent!

Emotions were high as the show started with the number “No One Mourns the Wicked” and the introduction of Alison Bailey as Glinda/Galinda. Bailey is soon joined on stage by Talia Suskauer, who plays Elphaba, the Wicked witch from whom the show gets its title. The pair are well matched, with Bailey’s bubbly portrayal of Gilinda’s comically exaggerated self-absorption and Suskauer’s empathetic of Elphaba’s acerbic wit. The pair play off each other well, making “What Is This Feeling?” one of my favorite numbers from the show, followed closely by their final duet, “Changed for Good.”

The magical pair are supported by an excellent cast, including Tony-award-winner Cleavant Derricks as the Wizard himself, Curt Hansen as Fiyero, Sharon Sachs as Madame Morrible, and Amanda Fallon Smith as Nessarose, as well as an incredible ensemble. Add to the performances the gorgeous, intricate costumes and the lavish sets, lighting, and special effects, and the show is really a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. I sometimes found myself distracted from the main characters by a spectacular costume on members of the ensemble.

Wicked runs through September 5 at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Masks are required for all attendees. Do not miss the chance to see this amazing production!

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