Casino Games and Movies: An Ongoing Love Affair

It is no secret that Hollywood movies were built on bringing glamour and blitz to audiences worldwide. This is how they get us everyday mortals to fall in love with the worlds depicted in the movies – even though the movie industry does also explore other, more sensitive subjects every now and then. And what better way to bring some glamour to the screen that by depicting popular casino scenes? And vice versa – because this is a relationship that goes two ways – what would be more certain to draw players into online slots than building them around blockbuster movie themes?

Movie Themes Conquer Online Casino Games:

Online casino players enjoy the convenience of playing from the comfort of their home, on the go, or any time they choose, yet they still yearn for that casino glamour. Online slots in particular are usually built around pop culture themes that have already proven popular with the crowds. And as online slots and other online casino games are usually geared towards a global audience that can get online any time, blockbuster movies that have wowed viewers worldwide are among the top choices for designing a branded online slot game. Winning money on online casinos is always a happy occasion for a player, but imagine the unique joy that a Marvel hardcore fan would get if he or she won some money playing the Iron Man slots or other similar games.

Online slots usually incorporate several elements that are found in their theme – scatter symbols depict iconic movie moments or characters, and wild symbols usually have a unique sentimental value for a specific movie’s fans. Foer example in the Iron Man 2 online slot game the wild symbol (the one that when rolled usually brings some major advantage or win for the player) is – what else? – the S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol, designed after the organization that brought together the Avengers. Other popular slot games are based on more cult movies, like Bridesmaids or Ghostbusters, while there are those based on TV series that are followed by millions of people around the world, like Game of Thrones.

From Marvel to 007: Hollywood Enjoys a Good Casino Fight Scene:

But of course, it was the movies that did it first. The lure of the casino world never ceases to captivate audiences – which is evident by how casino themes are so popular in so many more sectors other than the movies. From vacations to exotic casino resorts to looking up tips for Party Casino, people are wooed by the glamour – and this is precisely what Hollywood taps into. In the latest Marvel installment, Black Panther, there is a fight scene set in an underground, shady casino, adding to the mysterious nature of the lead character’s mission. While the characters try their best to blend in by dressing up, this is usually a piece of cake for the most famous movie character that has seen countless movie scenes take place in a casino: his name is Bond, James Bond.

007 is no stranger to the casino world, in fact, he had a movie expressly named after the popular gaming venue: Casino Royale. For Bond, casino games are not a pastime, but a dimension essential to the characters development. His favorite casino game is, by all accounts, baccarat, although this was dethroned in Casino Royale, by none other than no-limit Texas Hold-‘em poker. Whatever the case may be, James Bond is considered a pro in poker and all things casino – especially the stylish wardrobe choices that go with it and his famous ability to keep a poker face even when facing the most threatening of foes.

The list goes on, but if you are looking for the classics, go no further than the absolutely top 3 casino-themed movies: the wildly entertaining Ocean’s 11 trilogy, the 1995 iconic Casino (directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone) and our personal favorite, 1973’s The Sting, starring legends Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

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