Book Review: ‘You Should Have Told Me: A Novel’ By Leah Konen

Janie and Max have been together for a while now, and six weeks ago had a baby girl. Janie is doing the best she can, but sometimes is overwhelmed. On this night Max has offered to do the first overnight feeding, and when Janie hears the baby crying, she goes to check on her, and finds no Max. He’s not home, and there’s no sight of him. He has vanished. Janie alerts the police, finds out about a murdered woman, a missing boy, and secrets involving Max. She starts searching for him, starts to learn his secrets, and has to come to terms with her own secret. Is Max a killer, and is she going to have to raise her daughter alone? A solid thriller, with twists and turns, and a look at how hard motherhood can be for a new mother. A good way to start off the new year.

You can pick up You Should Have Told Me in stores on Tuesday, January 3rd from Putnam.

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