Book Review: ‘Winter Of The Wolf: A Novel’ By Martha Hunt Handler

A family is struck with tragedy with one of their own, a son named Sam commits suicide in his bedroom. His younger sister Bean is especially hard hit by his death. She doesn’t think it was suicide and vows to figure out what happened to him that night.

With the help of her friend Julie she talks to people that knew him and digs into his Inuit believes that he lived by. No one thinks she will find anything different about Sam but she soon learns a shocking secret that could change everything about Sam and his death.

The book starts out strong and looks at a family and their grief and the reader feels for them. It takes you on a journey and then the startling truth and touches on something that I am not sure is talked about much but points an eye on it.

You can pick up Winter Of The Wolf in stores on Tuesday, July 7th.

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