Book Review: ‘Vendetta’ Is The Next Exciting Iris Johansen Novel Featuring Catherine Ling

I love reading Iris Johansen novels. She writes three primary recurring characters Eve Duncan, Kendra Michaels and Catherine Ling. Some of the novels will have feature stories that revolve around their children, co-workers and other people that are part of their lives. For the last few years it’s been mostly Eve and Kendra. I have been asking about a Catherine book for quite a while. Now the new book Vendetta features Catherine. The story is not centered around Catherine this time but she is in it for a good amount.

This time around it centers on Venable, who worked for the CIA and was a mentor to Catherine and also has a daughter named Rachel. The story centers around her after her father is killed. It had to do with Red Star and Max Huber and bringing him down once and for all. Rachel was indirectly responsible for the death of his father and now Max wants her dead as well.

With his last words Venable told Jude Brandon he must save his daughter and find out who Nemisis is (an informant giving information about Huber and his next big attack). He manages to save her and is in charge of her protection. Through back story we learn about her relationship with her father and Huber. Catherine also has a fondness for Rachel and is also on the case to try and help protect her and bring down Huber once and for all.

We also get appearances from Hu Chang and Cameron (who still has it bad for Catherine). These are characters from previous Catherine Lang stories and who play a part in her life. Like all Iris novels there’s also a sexual attraction between our two main characters and it plays a part in the story. One thing is for sure Rachel is determined to bring down Max Huber, even it means losing her own life in the process.

Another great story in the Iris collection of her characters. It’s always fun to visit with Catherine, Eve and Kendra every few months. They have become like old friends and I always look forward to catching up with them. You can hop in and join me when Vendetta hits stores on Tuesday, October 23, from St. Martin’s Press.

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