Book Review: ‘Vanishing Edge: A Novel’ By Claire Kells

The first novel in a new series introduces two of the freshest characters in books this year in Felicity and Hux. A well-written story starts off strong and keeps the action going right to the very end. Felicity Harland use to work for the FBI before an accident and she has now moved to ISB, which oversees the National Parks. She gets a call from Ranger Rick Corrigan about an abandoned camp site up on the Sequioa National Park. She’s teamed up with Ferdinand ‘Hux’ Huxley and together they check out the site, along with her awesome dog Ollie, and discover a body of a woman in the frozen lake, who turns out to be a an actress Tatum Delancey, who stars on an HBO show. But they know she’s not alone and search for another body, who they believe is her bodyguard and potential lover (she is married). As they search the mountains, other clues emerge and they have to figure out if they lead to anything. Throughout this investigation Felicty and Hux grow close as friends and soon learn a shocking truth as to what happened to Tatum’s male friend (and who it was) and even more shocking as to who the killer is.

You can pick up Vanishing Edge in stores on Tuesday, November 9th from Crooked Lane.

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