Book Review: ‘Vamps: Fresh Blood Novel’ By Nicole Arend

Vamps is a prep-school for well-off vampires to learn their skills. For 18-year-old Dillon Halloran, he has no idea why he is here. He’s half vampire (his mother is a very powerful vampire he never knew), and his father human. So that makes him a dhampir (and the first ever at the school), and soon learns all about vampire life, and even has his first taste of blood. And as the days go on, his vampire side emerges. Not everyone is happy he is here, and work against him. It’s soon learned he is a special, rare type of vampire, and now people are out to get him for his special blood, which even his fellow vampire students want a taste of. This is a great debut novel, filled with teen angst, friendships, betrayals, and vampires. It’s coming out on January 3rd and may be one of the best books of the year. I can’t wait for more novels in the series (hopefully there are more coming), and author Nicole Arend has a promoting future.

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