Book Review: ‘Under Pressure’ Is The Next Thrilling Lucas Page Novel By Robert Pobi

Author Robert Pobi’s fist Lucas Page novel City Of Windows was an awesome, intense novel featuring the debut of Dr. Lucas Page. Now he follows it up with a thrilling, page-turning novel Under Pressure, that tops the first book, and that’s not an easy thing to do with a second book, that has Lucas trying to solve serial bombings throughout New York City and putting his life on the line on numerous occasions.

Lucas Page is on the beach at his home away from home with his wife Erin and their five kids. He hears about a bombing at the Guggenheim in New York City and soon fears the FBI will come calling again. And sure enough they do and he can’t turn them down. So he leaves his family to try and help solve this bombing that has killed a reported 702 people (and it could very well be more).

Brett Kehoe and Special Agent Whitaker are on the case with Lucas. He has a way with numbers and can also visualize the crime scene, so his talents come in handy. He thought he was done with the FBI but after the events of the first novel, he can’t let it go.

Then more bombings take place and are being done by unique ways. And some of the people that are being killed have a common connection, they work for or have something to do with a major New York firm.

As they try and narrow down the person(s) that may be responsible it leads to shocking events that put Lucas and the rest of the FBI in danger, with a shocking event that will leave your jaw dropped midday through the novel.

You can pick up Under Pressure in stores on Tuesday, August 4th from Minotaur Books.

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