Book Review: ‘Twisted Twenty-Six’ Is The Next Fun Stephanie Plum Novel

When we last left Stephanie Plum her Grandmother Mazur had ran off to get married to mobster Jimmy Rosolli. And then he dropped dead 45 minutes after they were married. Grandmother doesn’t seem all that upset about it. She just goes with the flow. His family though is not happy with her and think she is a slut for marrying him and she will be getting all his money because they got married.

But more importantly various members of the mob want the ‘keys’ that Jimmy had with him. No one will say what the keys are for but everyone wants them. She swears she knows nothing about them but no one believes it. A Molotov cocktail is thrown Grandmother’s home, men try to kidnap her. So Ranger is on the case with protection. And of course he still has the hots for Stephanie.

Meanwhile Stephanie is still at work chasing down people who have not shown up for their court cases and bringing them in for new court dates. She has her trusty partner in crime Lula (who is the best written character in any book written), if you don’t know about her she’s an ex-ho, who has an attitude, dresses crazy and you don’t want to mess with. They bring in the people as they catch them but Stephanie is getting bored with the job, with her life and wonders if there’s something better out there. She’s still with Morelli and happy but not sure what she do going forward.

She’s also investigating the keys and trying to find them. Then Grandmother is kidnapped and then Stephanie is also and they have to fight to survive with Ranger and Morelli hot on their trails. The way the book ends will lead to the next novel.

These Stephanie Plum books are so much fun to read. They’re so well written with great characters (again Lula has so many LOL moments) and the everlasting love triangle with Ranger and Morelli. You don’t have to have read previous books to jump in now and join the party. You won’t be disappointed.

You can pick up Twister Twenty-Six in stores on Tuesday, November 12th from Putnam.

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