Book Review: ‘Trigger’ Is The Next Exciting Frank Marr Novel

Author David Swinson is back with his awesome character of ex-cop Frankie Marr. This is his third book with the character and my first time reading one. Frank is a good man at heart but a flawed man. He had/has a cocaine problem and has quit it but still tempted to use it. He lost his girlfriend over it. He’s not longer a cop but now a private eye working for himself. His demons are always around him.

His friend Al is put on administrative leave after shooting a young African-American boy, who he claims had a gun. There’s no gun found at the scene from the boy and no signs of one ever being there. Al and his lawyer (Frank’s ex) use him to investigate what could have happened with the gun. It leads to Frank uncovering a lot more than he bargained for involving a confidential informant, drugs and who’s running the local scene. He enlists a young men Calvin from his past, he convinces him to help him with the case. And it all leads to shocking finds and what happened the night Al shot the young boy.

The character of Frank is a fascinating, well-written character with flaws that make you root for the man even when you probably shouldn’t. Author David Swinson is a retired cop so he knows of what he writes and that brings a sense of realism to the story. It starts off fast and never slows down. So settle in and enjoy the ride.

You can pick up Trigger in stores on Tuesday, February 12th from Mulholland.

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