Book Review: ‘Time After Time’ Might Be One Of The Best Novels All Year

It’s December 5th, 1937 and for Joe Reynolds it will be a day to change his life. He is at Grand Central Terminal where he works on the trains. He sees a beautiful young woman who looks like a society girl. Her name is Nora Lansing and she just wants to go home. She has just gotten back from Paris and needs to change her money back to US dollars and asks Joe to escort her home. He is not able to at this time. He looks for her everyday but figures he will never see her again.

Then he sees her again in another year and this time she seems the same and needs a walk home. He starts to walk her home and she disappears. He has no idea what’s happening. He did get the phone number of her house and calls it. A man answers and says not again when asked for Nora. When Joe meets the man he’s in for a shock as to who Nora is. Joe cannot believe it.

The next year he sees her again but is armed with information. Seems Nora cannot leave the terminal or go beyond about 800 yards. So Joe moves into the terminal hotel and he and Nora start a passionate relationship and are together in the Terminal City. She finds solace in painting and the people that work in the terminal. Joe has his job and family in Queens that he has to visit.

Soon the war kicks in and Joe’s brother enlists and he has to keep an eye out on his family. Nora is working with the people in the terminal but it is getting hard on her not being able to leave. Joe has figured out how far she can go and they start looking for an apartment.

We learn her back story and why she is here and has come and gone. A thing known as Manhattanhenge is what is keeping her and is also what could end her. She soon has to make a decision about Joe when new construction starts. As he ages and misses out on his dreams because of her, she ponders leaving once and for all. Can she break his heart for the sake of her love for him?

This is an awesome novel. A compelling love story with two characters that truly love each other. A unique setting of the terminal plays very well here. If you’re into the supernatural that is the heart of this story and their fight to be together is what makes this a grand love story. The reader roots beyond hope for these two lovebirds.

You can pick up Time After Time in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from Random House.

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