Book Review: ‘This Won’t End Well’ By Camille Pagan

One woman has been going through tough times and decides to swear off new people.

Annie Mercer has been having a tough time of late. Her finance Jon has taken off to Paris for a month to find himself and he wants no contact with anyone during that time. Annie is living at home with her mother, who has issues of her own. She quit her job due to being sexually harassed and was told she could not work in her industry for two years. She has had an argument with her best friend. And she has decided she doesn’t want any new people in her life.

She has picked up some jobs cleaning houses of neighbors that she knows. She’s offered more jobs but refuses to take them since she doesn’t know the people. She e-mails to Jon but they are not returned. Then she sees a new neighbor has moved in and she says hi but soon learns there’s more to this woman than it seems. She starts spying on her and soon meets Mo, who is a PI, that is watching her as well. She soon becomes friendly with Mo and re-examines this new people in her life deal.

Then Jon finally makes contact and apologizes for just leaving her and wants her to come to Paris to visit him. He’s extending his trip longer. Annie at first says no. She’s spending more time with Mo and finds that she likes him. Then she finally decides to go to Paris and see Jon but things are not what she expects. In the time he has been gone and she’s been alone they both have changed. Then an emergency happens and she flies home early.

Annie has a lot of thinking to do and makes decisions that will change everything.

I loved this book. It’s told from Annie’s point of view and we see what she’s doing and feeling throughout the story. It’s effectively used in this case. The reader roots for Annie to overcome everything and be happy. Author Camille Pagan has written a heart-warming story.

You can pick up This Won’t End Well in stores on Tuesday, February 25th from Lake Union Publishing.

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