Book Review: ‘This Is Not How It Ends’ By Rochelle B. Weinstein

Charlotte and Philip met on a plane to Kansas City where Charlotte lives and works as a teacher. Philip is British and a rich businessman. He travels a lot and also has an air about him. He’s enthralled with Charlotte on the plane. She has no interest in a relationship with anyone at this time as she just ended a bad relationship after six months. But he ends up being charming and wears her down. They quickly get together and fall in love. Philip is gone a lot but convinces her to move to the Florida Keys with him.

At first things are going good but his being away a lot and not doing anything as far as them getting married (he has proposed) and she starts to question the relationship. Then she meets Ben and his son Jimmy, who has allergies, and when he has a reaction, she helps save him. She is attracted to Ben but fights it. Then she finds out he’s Goose and Philip’s best friend. With him gone so much she spends a lot of time with Ben and with Jimmy, still wondering where things with Philip are going.

Then a hurricane is hitting the area and Charlotte is alone and ends up staying with Ben and Jimmy during the storm. It’s here that things become intense with these two and they decide on their future until fate steps in and Charlotte gets devastating news that changes everything. And it eats away at Charlotte and when things happen and she pushes Ben away and may lose him forever. Until a letter is found that could change everything if it’s not too late.

An emotional story of love for two men and what is best for everyone. It’s a beautiful story that engages the reader into the lives of these people. There’s not bad guy here and you root for these characters as you go on this journey with them.

You can pick up This IS Not How It Ends in stores on Tuesday, January 1st.

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