Book Review: ‘The Worst Best Man’ By Mia Sosa Is A Delightful Rom-Com

There’s a reason Oprah Magazine has named The Worst Best Man one of their 22 romantic books to watch in 2020, because it’s really good!

Four years ago Lina got engaged to Andrew. Three years ago was the wedding that never happened. The morning of the wedding Andrew texted his younger brother Max he couldn’t go through with it and said part of the reason was because of what Max said the night before when they went out drinking. And Andrew asked Max to break the news to Lina (he was a coward).

Now a few years later Lina is a successful Wedding Planner (she was before as well) and is asked to interview for a prestigious job at a five-star hotel as their wedding planner. And when two of the people that are working on the account walk into the room jaws are dropped. Andrew and Max work with the hotel and one of them is assigned to work with Lina on her presentation. No one lets one that the three of them know each other to Rebecca, who runs the hotel.

Lina decides to work with Max and they have a lot of unfinished business to get through. They form an peaceful alliance and get to work. Lina still feels resentment from the wedding years ago and tries to get past it. Max loves working with Lina and starts to have feelings for her of a sexual nature and possibly more. Lina is starting to dig him as well. And then it happens and it is like magic. The sex is fantastic (and author Mia Sosa can write some great sex scenes) and they basically decide it will be friends with benefits type of deal. Of course that never works out.

And then Rebecca finds out the truth, Max is ready for more until Andrew butts his nose into things and now everything could be over before it even begins, including the job offer. Decisions and truths have to be made in order to move forward in their lives.

Just a delightful, run romantic novel featuring characters you root for and want to see together. And as I said before some hot sex scenes (so hope as you’re reading this you don’t blush easily) and may need a cold shower after. If you’re a fan of the romance novels this is perfect for you to read.

You can pick up The Worst Best Man in stores on Tuesday, February 4th from Avon/Harper Collins.

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