Book Review: ‘The Wonder Of Lost Causes’ Is A Great Story About A Boy And A Dog Needing Each Other

A sick boy and a mutt of a dog meet and it changes both of their lives. Jasper Blunt is eleven years old and suffers from CF, cystic fibrosis, a lung disease that is not curable. He’s always wanted a dog but his mom Kate says they can’t have one. One of the main reasons where they live they’re not allowed and she’s worried because of his health. And the funny thing is Jasper is always around dogs. His mother is a Vet and runs a shelter in Cape Cod. So everyday he’s around animals.

Then one day a mutt of a dog shows up at the shelter. He has all sorts of issues just looking at him. He’s older, looks like he might have been abused, has a bit of a cough like Jasper and isn’t taking to anyone. Then Jasper shows up and they click. It seems they can talk to each other or hear what each one is thinking. Kate doesn’t believe they can but things keep happening between them. They bond big time. At first they call him Lucky via his chip. Then Jasper discovers he is called Whistler. He only seems to be happy when he is with Jasper. Jasper wants to adopt him but again they can’t.

Jasper’s health goes through a bad stretch and someone else adopts Whistler, who runs away and shows up at Jasper’s house. Kate decides they have to keep him now. But they are in for a shock when they get a call that he’s a service dog and wanted back to help a little girl who gets seizures (it’s what he was trained for). Now they have a big decision to make. Return him to where he once belongs and fight to keep him and Jasper together.

A heart-warming story about the love of a dog and a boy and how it can make them both better. For anyone that has ever had a pet knows what I am talking about. Pets can bring about changes in people that no one else can. They can sense things good and bad. And in the case of Jasper and Whistler it’s a match made in heaven. Whistler makes it clear who he wants to be with and it leads to soul searching moments and making the right choice.

The book is also a good look at what having cystic fibrosis is like and what it can do to a person, the subject of pet adoption and shelters and how service dogs work. It never gets preachy and works perfectly into the story. Just a well-written story of friendship, love, family and animals.

You can pick up The Wonder Of Lost Causes in stores on Tuesday, April 30th from William Morrow.

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