Book Review: ‘The Winters: A Novel’ Is A Thriller With Lots Of Twists And Turns

Author Lisa Gabriele returns with a thrilling novel that is full of twists and turns and has you on the edge of your seat wondering what is really going on. The Winters is her third novel and will be out in stores on Tuesday, October 16th from Viking.

A young woman working and living in the Caribbean meets a State Senator Max Winters from New York and begins a romance and falls in love with him as does he with her. He’s wealthy and lives in the Hamptons and has a teenage daughter who is a handful. He is also a widower as his wife died in a tragic accident two years ago. He has to leave and asks her to come with him and get married. She’s not sure as they come from two different worlds.

She decides to go for it and moves to the Hamptons and his massive house the Asherley estate. She is overwhelmed when she gets there and it gets worse when his daughter Dani comes home from Paris. She’s making her life miserable. And she has clashes with Max over things. The house is all about his late wife Rebekah. And little things don’t add up to her being there.

They decide to move the wedding date up and as it gets closer some weird things happen, Dani loses it and the young woman learns shocking things that could cost her everything including her life.

In a first for me the lead female character is never given a name. It’s a page-turner as you want to keep reading to find out where it’s all going and what is real and who will survive.

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