Book Review: ‘The Wedding At Moonglow Bay: A Novel’ By Lori Wilde

Samantha met Nick Ginelli in high school, and they fell in love and married. Nick works for the Coast Guard, they married young, and then he was lost at sea. Samantha had to move on, raise her daughter, and help out with the family restaurant. Now seven years later, Samantha finds herself in love with Nick’s brother Luca, they get married, and about to have their honeymoon night, when Nick suddenly walks in, very much alive. Now Samantha has to figure out who, and what, she wants after all these years. Another heart-warming novel from author Lori Wilde, who excels at this drama/rom-com type of novels. Fans will be torn who to root for, and that makes if the more thrilling to read. Fans of these types of novels will be happy with this one.

You can pick up The Wedding At Moonglow Bay in stores on Tuesday, March 21st from Avon.

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