Book Review: ‘The Way We Weren’t: A Novel’ By Phoebe Fox

I loved the last book by author Phoebe Fox, A Little Bit Of Grace, and her follow-up novel is just as good. It’s a character driven story about two people who meet and end up becoming important to each other in ways they never could have imagined. Marcie Malone works events for a hotel, is 43 and just had her second miscarriage. It really affects her in ways she couldn’t imagine but her husband Will doesn’t seem so upset. She is headed to work in Atlanta and decides to just keep driving and ends up on the beach in South Florida, looking at the Gulf Of Mexico. She passes out on the beach and is found by Flint, a 70 year-old man, who is cranky and lives alone. He takes her to his house and when she wakes up thanks him and goes to get her car and her purse (in the trunk), which has been towed. He says she can stay at his house until she’s ready to leave. She decides to stay, gets a job as a waitress and is actually enjoying this time here. She’s not sure where her life is going or if she wants to return to Will and her job. Flint also seems to be enjoying her being around, even if he’s a cranky man. She soon learns his secrets and she opens up to him as well. They end up having an unlikely friendship that is fun to follow and watch how they end up needing each other more than they ever thought they would.

You can pick up The Way We Weren’t in stores now from Berkley.

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