Book Review: ‘The Watcher’ By Jennifer Pashley

The first book in a new series featuring Kateri Fisher, a cop in a small town, Spring Falls, in upstate New York. She has come here after some personal issues with another force. It seems everyone knows everyone here and nothing seems to go unnoticed.

Pearl Jenkins lives in town with her 19 year old son Shannon and her daughter Birdie (a daughter no one knows about). Pearl’s husband burned down their house years ago and Pearl has been on disability. Shannon is doing everything he can to help keep his family safe. He works, tries to pay the bills and keep the family secrets. His mother is way behind on all the bills and their property will go up for auction.

One day Shannon meets a man named Bear who is looking for a handyman. Shannon offers to work for him but it turns out he wants more than just work. He’s also rich and offers to help Shannon with money to take care of his family. When word comes that something has happened at the family farm, Kateri is on the case. Blood is found in the house and Birdie is found in the closet alone. It’s assumed Pearl has been killed. Bones are found in the woods. And Shannon is the prime suspect.

But not everything is what it seems and Kateri is investigating everything and soon learns some shocking facts as to who is the killer and what really happened that day.

A solid start to this new series. There’s a lot to Kateri to explore in future books. Some well placed twists and turns keeps the reader engaged.

You can pick up The Watcher in stores on Tuesday, September 8th from Crooked Lane Books.

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