Book Review: ‘The Vanished Bride’ Is A Good Start To The Bronte Sisters New Series

Author Bella Ellis has started a great new series using the Bronte Sisters and their Brother before they became famous for their writing. In this story set in Yorkshire in 1845 they decide to become ‘lady detectors’ and solve a missing persons or murder when Elizabeth Chester, the second wife of Robert Chester goes missing. Her bedroom is found with a ton of blood but no body.

The sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne learn about it from their brother Branwell. The three girls are back living at home with their father. They know the governess of the house Matilda French and pay her a call and start their investigation. Soon they four of them pair up with Branwell posing as a Doctor and Anne his grieving sister go to the Chester house. Charlotte and Emily start asking around in town.

Soon they all learn shocking things about Robert and Elizabeth and find evidence that could be crucial to the case. Of course women in that time period are not expected to this kind of thing. It doesn’t stop the sisters from their investigation. They will not stop until they learn the truth.

This is a really fun story and start of a new series and good use of the sisters in this regard. This is just a great idea from author Bella Ellis and I really enjoyed it. Here’s to more stories with these famous sisters before they were famous.

You can pick up The Vanished Bride in stores on Tuesday, September 10th from Berkley.

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