Book Review: ‘The Traveling Cat Chronicles: A Novel’ Is A Great Story About A Man And His Best Friend A Cat

The Traveling Cat Chronicles was a bestselling book in Japan and other markets and has finally made its way to the United States. And what a book it is! It will make my top 10 books of the year. It’s just an awesome look at one man and his cat and their travels to find him a new home.

In Tokyo a stray cat has been sleeping on Satoru’s van everyday and Satoru has been noticing. He starts leaving food out for him and the cat even responses to him a little. When the cat gets hit by a car, he manages to get close to Satoru’s van and cry out for him and he is saved when he is raced to the vet. Satoru takes the cat home and nurses him back to health. The cat reminds him of a kitten from his childhood that he and his best friend rescued and took care of. He names the cat Nana and keeps him. Nana has the freedom to come and go as he wants but has totally bonded with Satoru.

Then five years later Satoru tells Nana he has to find him a new home and we don’t know why. They go on a journey to old friends of his who say they will take the cat. None of them work out for various reasons but it’s quite the journey for the two. Nana is loving being on the road and seeing new things.

They end up at Satoru’s aunts house and he and Nana will be living with him and we learn why and it’s heartbreaking and Nana goes back to his street sense in order to be with Satoru.

The story is told from the points of view of both Nana, as we know what he’s thinking at all times and what his view of the world around him is. And the point of view of Satoru as we learn about his life and backstories with each of his friends that he visits as well as his aunt.

For anyone that’s a cat lover this book will hit close to the heart with the closeness of owner and cat. It’s a heartwarming story that just might bring a tear or two before you finish the book.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 23rd from Berkley Hardcover.

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