Book Review: ‘The Titanic Secret’ Is The Next Thrilling Isaac Bell Novel By Clive Cussler And Jack Du Brul

Isaac Bell has been dead for a long time now but that doesn’t stop him from reaching out from the beyond to NUMA Director Dirk Pitt in a crossover of characters in the Clive Cussler universe. Dirk in in New York City about to see the raising of a long lost submarine in the harbor. Things go wrong an Cussler is able to save things even though it almost costs him his life. He is then given a document by an attorney from something year ago. As he gets to reading it he finds it is from Isaac Bell. It’s an adventure that he went through back in the time of The Titanic.

Isaac Bell is a legendary detective and is hired to find out what happened to 9 miners during a dig. They have been reported missing and presumed dead. Something doesn’t add up about them to Isaac. It involved the mysterious byzanium that they were searching for. He soon figures out that they are not only alive but are being put on a suicide mission. Isaac has to get to Paris when he figures out the plan. It means going up against some powerful French men that are part of an organization you don’t want to mess with.

From there Isaac has set in motion a dangerous plan that involves an Island off of Russia in the dead of winter. There is a traitor among the men, the French are on his trail and it leads to one knock down drag out battle after another in order for Isaac to survive and get the byzanium back to the United States and somehow that involves the one and only Titanic.

If you’ve never read one of the stories in the Clive Cussler universe you should. His books are always so good. His different series are always entertaining and something to look forward to. He is one of the true masters of this genre and always a pleasure to read each adventure.

You can pick up The Titanic Secret in stores on Tuesday, September 10th from Putnam.

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