Book Review: ‘The Third Hotel: A Novel’ Asks The Question Is Her Husband Alive?

Claire arrives in Havana after the tragic death of her husband. She is attending a Latin America film festival. Her husband was a writer and she swears she sees her dead husband there. She thinks she is losing her mind. Then she sees him again and again. She starts following him and finally meets up with him.

We also learn her back story of her marriage and how he died. She starts to wonder if she had anything to do with his death. The more time she spends with this guy in Havana has her questioning everything. The question she has to ask herself if this is real and is she really crazy?

The story is a mysterious and takes you along on the journey and the reader also wonders if you are losing your mind reading this. You have great visuals of Havana and the film festival. You are just drawn in and want to know once and for all what is happening to Claire. That is the mark of a good writer.

You can pick up The Third Hotel by author Laura Van Den Berg in stores on Tuesday, August 7.

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